How to earn $ with Lendconnect

LendConnect is here to give you the most easy, highest passive income that will be around! Daily interest rates between 1.5 - 5% every single day! Capital release already in 60 days. A 10/10 customer service. A very low total supply of just 3.5M LCT!
You can Lend, hold or daytrade LCT on our internal exchange (launches end January) and make huge returns! (Read our FAQ)


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3.5 M LCT sold
3 M USD Raised
20.778 + Users
LendConnect (LCT)
19.58 USD (58.18%)
0.00142492 BTC


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Why should you choose LendConnect above other lending programs? LendConnect offers the highest daily interest rate, not temporary. Multiple lending tokens/coins will be traded on our platform. If our trading team or bot trades 7% profit on a day, we give a 5% daily interest. Always. Check out our packages below, and see what would fit you the most.

Affiliate program

Earn a passive income by inviting your friends to our program.

I.E. you will receive a 8% referral bonus from your referral when he/se buys a lending contract.

When a referral of your referral buys a lending contract, you will receive a 4% bonus of that deposit, and so on..

LendConnect exchange

You can exchange your earned money directly via our exchange button, and sell your LCT on our internal exchange.

LendConnect will offer you an outstanding exchange that will be better, faster and more secure than any other lending platform can offer you!

In the future it will be possible to trade LCT for any other lending token or coin.

Our internal exchange launches end January 2018.


We don't offer a staking reward. Simply because we don't have the supply for it, there will be a total of 3.5M LCT in total circulation, and 500K LCT will be hold by developers and team members.

You can simply hold your LCT tokens in your wallet and see the price rise along 2018, you can expect x10 / x50 / x100 or even x200 returns. But, before using a new krypto wallet, it's advisable to research its reputation and read user reviews.

Staking LCT can be very profitable!

Our Roadmap

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We have a trading team that trades every single day, 40 hours per week. We didn't want to use a so called 'bot', but decided to add that too. We have tested our bot and made even higher percentages than we could ever imagine.

We are not here to keep 90% of the profits in our pocket, so if we make 7% profit on a day, we share that 5% with the community. Unlike others who would pay a 2% and keep the 5% in their pocket.

Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram. The fastest way is too join our Telegram Community chat, Sam will be here to answer all your questions. (Official community manager) COMMUNITY CHANNEL

LendConnect has a platform that nobody else does. We don't have a easy 'copy&paste;' PHP script like the most have. Our platform is coded from scratch and much more secure than others. We are transparent, have an excellent communication and simply pay the highest daily payouts.

There is a total of 3.5M LCT in circulation. The LendConnect team is holding another 500K for the platform itself. Our token supply is 5x lower than the most platforms out there, that does mean we will reach higher returns than others could ever imagine.

This is simply because you still had your own personal wallet in our dasbhoard. We removed that function, there is only 1 wallet left, your LCT wallet. You can send your funds directly from your personal wallet to there. Don't forget to send 0.005 ether first!

This will only be temporary in the beginning. It's called transaction fee, and we will remove that function later.

We will add new coins / tokens to our platform weekly, so you can sell your i.e. 'GRX' for 'ETH', and buy 'LCT' from that 'ETH'. After that simply lend your LCT on the platform for the highest daily interest rates!

You can buy LendConnect tokens on

75% of the team including the CEO, lead developer and Community managers are working in Europe. We've hired some extra blockchain developers from India and Japan.